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FLUTe Has Developed a New Inexpensive Multilevel Groundwater Sampling System for use in Cased Overburden and Bedrock Wells! Click Here to Learn More!

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  • Thu, Jun 07
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    FLUTe Webinar-High Resolution Dissolved Phase and Fracture Characterization with the FACT and Transmissivity Profiles (1)
    The FLUTe Activated Carbon Technique is a continuous strip of activated carbon felt that absorbs contaminants from fractures and pore space. Once analyzed gives a continuous profile of contaminant distribution (6"-3'). Transmissivity Profiles identify fractures and transmissivity on a 6-12" scale
  • Thu, May 24
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    Multilevel Groundwater Sampling - How to Choose the Best Multilevel Sampling System for the Project
    Designing a multilevel sampling system must take into account the geologic setting, number and quality of discrete sample intervals, and type of pumping system (purging, volume, and ease of use). This webinar will review available technologies, including FLUTe methods, that best fit project needs
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