About Our Company

FLUTe was founded in 1996 by Carl Keller, principal scientist, to apply the unique attributes of inverting/everting flexible liners to underground measurements and other uses.  The quality of construction, performance, and cost effectiveness of our flexible liner systems are why our customers keep returning.
Carl Keller is the recipient of the 1994 R&D 100 Award for his first flexible liner patent. The FLUTe designs have gained recognition with the National Ground Water Association Technology Award in 2008. FLUTe systems have continually evolved and are now used in 12 countries by large corporations, regulatory agencies, and research institutions.  FLUTe’s unique methods are covered by 22 domestic plus 13 foreign patents with others pending.

FLUTe’s main plant and offices are in Velarde, NM with other facilities in Albuquerque, NM and Warminster, PA.

FLUTe methods for high resolution underground measurements of many kinds have gained acceptance as superior, or complementary, to traditional methods.

A company is only as good as it's staff and we have the best!

Our 5 senior staff averages over 15 years in the flexible liner business.


Mark Sanchez, Chief Operations Officer with oversight of administrative staff and production staff and coordination of customer orders with production staff, plus maintenance of inventory, and oversight of the Velarde fabrication and test facility.

Ian Sharp, Chief of Field Operations, assures the training, and defines the scheduling of our excellent field crews, and oversees the construction of our unique machines.

Steve Martinez, Production Manager, responsible for all liner fabrication, and setting the fabrication schedule, assures fabrication staff have design specifications and the proper training, maintains quality assurance procedures and records.

Sylvia Martinez, Administrator, administers our contracting, accounting services, and human resources.

International distributers:
Paulo Negrão - Brazil,
Mike Mercuri - Australia.

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