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A Guide to FLUTe Products

Sealing Open Boreholes
The FLUTe blank liner is a fully removable solution for sealing fracture flows in open boreholes to prevent cross contamination.
Mapping The NAPL Contaminants
The NAPL FLUTe is a NAPL reactive cover for the blank FLUTe liner that is deployed in open boreholes and through GeoProbe Rods. After 30 minutes, remove the liner from the borehole and measure to the stains to identify the location of free product.               
The FACT is a strip of activated carbon felt that is added to the NAPL FLUTe.  The FACT adsorbs contaminants from fracture flows and pore space and after 2 weeks is removed from the well, cut into 6” to 3’ pieces and analyzed
Characterizing Formation Flow Paths
Locate flow paths and measure transmissivity with 6" to 12" resolution
Measure the vertical head distribution (5' to 20')
Multi-Level Groundwater and Vadose Sampling Systems
Vadose Gas Sampling System
Groundwater Sampling with Peristaltic Pumping System
Groundwater Sampling with Gas Driven Pumping System
Groundwater Sampling with Peristaltic or Gas Driven Pumping System
Protective cover called tophat for liner after installation
  • Augmentation of Horizontal Drilling
  • Development of Boreholes
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Horizontal Packer Testing and Leak Detection
  • Towing of Logging Tools
  • Cure-In-Place Liners
  • Karst Installations
  • Grouting of Casing in Karst
  • Artesian Well Installations
  • Traversing Lakes and Ponds
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