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Benefits of Using FLUTe Liners

1) Provide a continuous seal of a borehole or pipe, and prevent migration of formation fluids through the open hole. No sealing grouts or bentonite seals are needed.

2) Quickly map borehole transmissivity and vertical head distributions while displacing the borehole water.  Equivalent to conducting packer testing on a 6" to 12" scale with higher resolution and no issues of leakage or packer bypass.

3) Map contaminant distribution in the pure phase (NAPL FLUTe) and dissolved phase (FACT).

4) Collect multiple discrete groundwater samples directly from the formation via a positive displacement gas driven sampling liner (Water FLUTe) and a peristaltic pump driven liner (Shallow Water FLUTe).

5) Reduce cost and field time for the client while delivering high resolution data.

6) Carry many useful devices such as tubing, instruments, absorbers, reactive covers, etc. into place in the borehole while maintaining a continuous seal of the borehole.

7) Support the borehole wall against slough and collapse. 


8) Custom fabricated to meet demands of many different diameters and materials for many applications. 

9) Propagate through tortuous passages of varying diameters inaccessible to rigid piping or push rods.


10) Warrantied and fully removable without the liner touching any other portion of the borehole wall.

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